We understand the needs of your medical laboratory or clean room and are skilled in the installation of necessary equipment without error and with precision. Our work can be viewed at the following Montana labs and manufactures:

  • Rocky Mountain Biological
  • Rocky Mountain Labs
  • GSK Labs
  • Nurture
  • Rivertop Renewables
  • Nutritional Laboratories
  • Botanie Soap

Medical & Food-Grade

Clark Industrial, Inc.

AISC Certified Welding & Fabrication

Sand Blasting & Powder Coating

Installation of Dock Bumpers, Leverlers, Seals & Shelters

Warehouse Maintenance and so much more in Missoula, MT

Sanitary Stainless Steel

We can help you design and install a sanitary stainless steel system for your medical lab, food-grade production facility, winery, brewery, or distillery.

Breweries, Wineries, Distilleries

Brewing and distilling facilities are our specialty. Missoula and the Northwest consumes many products made using our stainless steel fabrication products:

  • Big Sky Brewing
  • Kettle House
  • Draught Works
  • Bayern
  • Lewis & Clark Brewing
  • Lolo Peak Brewery
  • Big Burn Brewing
  • Montgomery Distillery
  • Tamarack Brewing